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Modular Home Theater Furniture   by Can-Am
Home Theater Cabinets 

 Modular by Nature. Beautiful by Design.   

Metal Storage Cabinets

Dont Just Imagine The Perfect Home Theater Setup... Design It Yourself
Imagine your dream home theater setup and that's what you'll get. Home theater furniture you design using modular steel media cabinets. And relax, if you move or change equipment you can always expand or reconfigure. Your dream setup is just a click away.

Nobody Knows Your Lifestyle and Your Needs Better Than You
So who better to design your Home Theater experience than you? You know your limitations, your media collection, your electronics and you know there's no end to them. So why lock yourself into a cookie cutter entertainment center you know you'll outgrow?

You can't outgrow a CAN-AM home theater because it will reconfigure to meet whatever the future has in store.

Custom Design from Stock Cabinets
With a huge variety of cabinets at two different widths and six different heights you can find a solution that looks like you had it custom built... when in fact it was you that designed it using stock Can-Am cabinets. Only your Bank Manager will know how much you saved.

Modular Design - Custom Fit
Can-Am modular cabinets will configure to work with any size TV or screen. Two or three foot modules stack and combine to fit any space. Can-Am cabinets are also available in eighteen colors to match any decor.

Be Prepared For Whatever The Future Has In Store

Design your own home theater or entertainment center, module by module. And relax - you can't outgrow a
CAN-AM home theater setup.  If you move or change
your equipment, CAN-AM cabinets will easily reconfigure.
Who knows what electronic gear the future has in store or how extensive your DVD and Blu-ray library becomes?
Bring it on!

You Never Regret
Investing In The Very Best

Our customers tell us time and time again how satisfying it is to own media furniture that exceeds their expectations.
Even custom wood cabinetry falls short in the test of time.
If you are frustrated with inferior quality and are ready for a product that is engineered to last a lifetime,
you're ready for CAN-AM.

CAN-AM cabinets provide limitless design flexibility.
Your only limit is your imagination. Go ahead.

Let your imagination run wild.

Your Kids And Mother Earth Will Thank You

Not only will they thank you for leaving them Can-Am cabinets, they'll also thank you for leaving
a product that is as durable as it is environmentally responsible.

No matter what, all wood cabinetry ends up in a landfill. Although Can-Am cabinets should last a lifetime or two,
they will never end up in a landfill because steel is 100% recyclable. If you are interested in what the future has in store,
you might want to consider that wood and particle board entertainment centers account for a huge area in our landfills.


The Choice of Audio Video Professionals and Custom Installers Since 1979

CAN-AM Cabinets are made of steel, and are available in eighteen decorator colors. While you can Go Configure your own home theater setup, Can-Am can help. Call to speak to one our designers.

Call us at 800-387-9790, or Email us: mail@can-am.ca

Go Ahead. Your dream setup is just a click or phone call away.