Multi-Functional Condo Cabinetry

You can have it all in as little as six feet. Turn your hallway, entranceway, plus one or den into your everything.
Imagine a laptop station, wine bar, file cabinet, linen closet, tool chest, dresser, pantry and storage galore - all in one place. Get maximum space utilization with modules tailored to your needs.
Modular Elevator Friendly
  This configuration includes the following modular cabinets. In your choice of color, with or without locks. Overall dimension is 75.5" Wide X 86.5" High X 20" Deep.
Feel free to choose alternate modules to suit your needs. Don't need a bar? Turn it into a stereo center or replace it with some more drawers.  
1 - MC2D14: 2 Drawer Cabinet with 6" drawers
1 - MC3D20: 3 Drawer Cabinet with 6" drawers
1 - MC2D20: 2 Drawer Cabinet with 9" drawers
1 - COM3D14: Two 6" and one 12" file drawers
2 - FDCAB20: Flip Door Pullout Cabinet
2 - CABDR29: 2 Door Locking Pullout Cabinet
4 - ASHELF: Stationary Shelf or Base Shelf
2 - PUSHE: Pullout Shelf
1 - MINIDRW: Mini Drawer
2 - LEGSM: Set of 4 Screw-In Metal Legs - 2" tall

Cost $6,620 USD / $7,540 CDN 

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When It Comes To Multi-Functional Cabinetry
Your Only Limit Is Your Imagination

You don't even need 6 feet to appreciate a great multifunctional cabinet. You can do it in as little as 38 inches. Enjoy an uncompromising setup that includes a laptop station, writing desk and a file drawer. There's even room for a printer and three huge drawers that can act as your dresser.

Can-Am cabinets are modular so you can reconfigure if you move or as your needs change. Our cabinets are built to last and designed to grow. We've been here for 45 years and rest assured, we'll be here when you're ready to add to your cabinetry. Check out our configuration page for more ideas.

This configuration consists of one 3-drawer cabinet (MC3D20), one flip-door cabinet (FDCAB14) with two pullout shelves (PUSHE), a combination cabinet (COM3D14), and a two door cabinet (CABDR16). Overall Dimension is 37.75" Wide X 20" Deep X 66" High

Cost $2,920 USD / $3,355 CDN 

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Multi-Functional Cabinet In 38 Inches
18 Colors
Go Ahead. Let Your Imagination Run Wild
A complete media center, featuring storage for all your media, as well as your computer and home theater components.
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This Multi-Functional All-In-One TV stand consists of a 2-drawer cabinet (MC2D14), three flip-door cabinets (1-FDCAB14, 2-FDCAB20), a combination hanging file and media cabinet (COM3D14), four pullout shelves (PUSHE), a fixed shelf (ASHELF), and a double mica top (TOP75). Overall Dimension: 113.25" Wide X 24" Deep X 55.5" High. Cost $4190 USD / $4810 CDN
Can-Am cabinets are made in Canada. We know how to build great cabinets and we know how to get them to you. We've been doing that since 1979. Your cabinets will be produced to order in a few weeks and will arrive fully assembled. Stack and enjoy. Your dream setup is a click or call away.

Please call to chat, or if in Toronto, to arrange a visit to our Yorkville showplace or Scarborough factory showroom.



TV Stand




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