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   Don't just imagine the perfect setup. Design it yourself.
  Choose an item from the drop-down menu.  Use the scroll bar to see all the items and click to make your selection.
  Hold down your left mouse button and drag items to the location you want, then release to place or reposition them.
  To remove an item once you have placed it, drag the 'remove icon' onto the item you want to remove.
  To clear all items and start again, click the "Restart" button.
  "Open / Closed" toggles between showing all pullout cabinets outfitted with doors - open or closed.
  "Snap ON/OFF" disables the snapping function, which is useful when mixing standard width and narrow cabinets.
  To determine your total cost, including shipping, click the "What's My Cost" button. Our Worksheet Form will open in another window with your configuration pre-loaded. You can then switch back and forth between these pages. Select your State, so that your total can be automatically calculated! If you would like to save a copy of your creation, print this page.

Order By

You can also visit the Order By Configuration page to check out some
sample configs and our most  popular setups - priced out and ready to order!

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