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Modular Metal Storage Cabinets   by Can-Am
Metal Storage Cabinets

 Steel, for strength and durability.
                  Can-Am, for selection and style.

Metal Storage Cabinets

Satin Smooth, Steel Strong
Choose from our 3 gloss finishes or any of our 15 satin finishes and most admirers will not readily guess what material it's made of. That's because Can-Am metal storage cabinets look and feel like fine furniture. But don't let their good looks fool you. Under that baked on powder coat satin finish lies a heart of steel.

Size Matters
Modules come in a variety of sizes so you can stack them or line them up to reach just the right height or width.

 Choose from three groups of modules and design your own storage or furniture...
Locking Metal Storage Cabinets Metal Storage Cabinets With Drawers Or Doors Versatile metal storage cabinets

Can-Am provides 10 different drawer modules in a variety of widths and heights to meet any storage requirement. Our pullout cabinets also accept mini drawers for even more storage opportunities.

blank spacerDoors
Stacking modules are available with sliding doors or hinged doors. There is also a wall hanging door cabinet. Our pullout cabinets are also available with doors. Barn style or garage style flip doors. With or without locks.

Our huge assortment of pullout cabinets feature series of slots that accept our pullout shelves and mini drawers or adjustable stationary shelves. Pullout cabinets provide new opportunities such as computer, AV and work stations.

Modular steel cabinets
Total Versatility
This is where we get to say, "Your only limit is your imagination."
Heavy Duty Steel Storage Cabinets Modular storage furniture Storage Cabinet Solutions

Locking storage cabinet


What you want, wherever you want it
It's that simple. Locking metal storage cabinets, drawers,
pull out shelves, mobile storage cabinets, metal wall cabinets - even narrow steel cabinets. Determine your needs and design a metal drawer system or furniture solution that will tackle those needs with modular steel cabinets. Choose the precise height of your configuration with Can-Am stack-on metal cabinets. Choose the exact location of every element.
You can even have it on wheels.


The solution to your storage or furniture dilemma is
just a click or call away.

  Metal Mobile Storage Cabinets